El Murguero Brewing Co


Two friends have decided to join their passions: beer and soccer and create a fun beer! This will be the perfect excuse to share unforgettable moments with your best friends!

So what does El Murguero has in common with soccer? With beer and soccer you share the greatest moments with your loved ones. They both create moments of euphoria and entertainment.

We created this brand to evoque these feelings. The brand was inspired by the popular latin american carnivals called La Murga. This is a parade where people go out to dance, what costumes and people dare to get wild. With these parades you see colors, movement and share many cheerful moments.

Each beer was designed to communicate a different type of event according to their colors. They all represent a special moment to share with friends like: bars, a night out, dinner with friends, a music festival, etc.

The packaging inspires people to get relaxed, and let themselves live the present.

We designed a ludacris pattern inspired by some characters of La Murga. These characters give you the feeling of fun and great energy.

Finally, we created a logo with a personalized font where each letter has its own cheerful personality.


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