CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

Treasury Wine Estates engaged CF Napa to restructure and refresh their powerhouse brand, Etude. A pioneer in the Carneros AVA known for their exceptional wines, Etude’s packaging redesign kicked off with their flagship wine, Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Noir. This core product’s package needed to reflect the high quality of the wine while providing a design foundation off which the other tiers could build, always allowing for clear differentiation between offerings.

CF Napa simplified and refreshed the Etude wordmark script for a more elegant expression of the brand name. Modern fonts, type stacks, and a subtly sophisticated color palette were utilized to give the label a more clean, contemporary sensibility.  Color, technical nomenclature, and label hierarchy varied between tiers and created cues that allowed for greater differentiation and respective increases in price perception. Typography elements were debossed for a letterpressed effect and textural interest. A thin double border provided the finishing touch and a callback to the previous packaging. Toothy, creamy paper stock was used as a foundational way to give the brand an elevated, luxurious feel.

CF Napa brought the new look for the Etude brand to life through their tasting room materials. Each consumer touchpoint was reimagined to be a more premium expression while retaining ease of use and functionality for tasting room staff. The redesigned system included a tasting menu, price lists, tasting mat, shelf talkers, and brand brochure.

For the brochure, CF Napa showcased the refined Etude logo foiled in glossy black on the cover juxtaposed against toothy paper. Etude’s rich story and focus on Pinot Noir were highlighted and supported by historical, sepia-toned photography, vineyard maps, and background on Etude’s Winemaker, Jon Priest.


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