*l'estudi creatiu

Barcelona, España

*l’estudi creatiu was capable of translating Granja San Francisco’s longtime bond with the environment into creative and factual values. The design of a 100% carton-made jar of honey was conceived like an inviting, hearty pint, the kind you can’t wait to scoop.

In addition to that, the pack itself tells us a feel-good story about Granja San Francisco. It’s the manifesto of its responsible, sustainable apiculture and how it’s carried on a daily basis, to the point of being validated by the United Nations with the prestigious Sustainable Development Goals certification. Thus, the honeycomb hexagon design chosen by *l’estudi creatiu seals the concept, representing at once the bees’ natural habitat and the protecting hands of Granja San Francisco: the same hands that collect honey defend both the environment and the consumer.