Snaps | The suitcase gifts


Snaps is a boutique agency in Vietnam. On the occasion of this festive season, they plan to make a limited giftset as a tribute to their VIP clients, who trust and respect and cooperate with them so far. What they required is the giftset that showed their class and spirit.Who is the addressee? They are Snaps phenomenally important clients who occupy the key positions in their company. In fact, they are the ones who are quite busy, travel frequently and see themselves getting sucked into the work – life spiral.

Most clients feel secure about the campaigns with full cooperation from Snaps because Snaps always manage the work very well. By that way, the clients could be able to fully relax mentally and physically. Hence, GudLag decided to collaborate with Rimova – a high-quality luggage manufacturer, to create Snaps limited suitcases to represent the idea “Take A Snaps For Your Mind.”