the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

the Labelmaker: Eclissi Di Luna Wine Label Design

Eclissi di Luna is the latest addition to Val di Luna’s growing portfolio. It’s a classy frizzante wine with a noticeable level of sugar. The bottle is 375ml – smaller than what most of the producers prefer for this type of wine. I wanted to create a very memorable label for this elegant bottle. The space was limited and I decided to go for a classic round shape, less texts and an abundance of details.

The main character here like in all wines of Val di Luna is the capercaillie bird in its traditional position against the shadowed moon. This is where the brand name Eclissi di Luna came from. The moon is textured with microembossed linear pattern in order to refract the light and look more interesting while the bird is raised with strong embossing.

I used domed silver foil for the stars and high build transparent varnish for the Bracheto and Eclissi di Luna headings as I wanted to make them really large but at the same time I did not want to steal the whole attention with them.

This is one of the few designs where I decided to use a very specific hot foil with live crimson red color. Combined with the soft-touch black paper the design became non-traditional and unique – one that really stands out on the shelf. If you grab the bottle you start noticing all these intricate details delivered by the high quality print of and you’ll get even more curious about the wine itself.