Frozen semi-finished products DOGGY BAG


Тель-Авив, Израиль

DOGGY BAG – frozen semi-finished products prepared from fresh products for small breed dogs blast-frozen for maximum preservation useful substances. The product is packaged in recyclable plastic and does not harm the environment. To start using the product, simply dip it in cold water for 30 minutes. and you can immediately give to your pet. Each of you is familiar with this look, the same one when your cute and beloved pet looks at you from under the table when you eat. And it doesn’t matter if your ward is hungry or not, his eyes are vigilantly and hypnotically watch you, intently and without blinking. It reflects in his eyes sadness and sadness, such a request and prayer that our heart shrinks from surging emotions, and a piece of your favorite pie does not fit into your mouth. Yes, yes, you know it!))

This look became the main concept for the design of this innovative product. And I depicted an imaginary table in the form of a tablecloth decorated in a gingham cage, which associated with tablecloth and homemade food. There are four main sets of ingredients in the product line: – vegetables with a variety of meats: red and white checkered – chicken / turkey with cereals: yellow-white cage: – Vegetarian sets : green and white checkered – meat only: red and white checkered on a red background; In such a variety, any dog ​​will be able to find his favorite taste. The packaging form factor was a box resembling a food container with a convenient tongue in the shape of a dog’s paw.

The product line is presented in three different forms: – round packaging contains one serving of food; – a rectangular package is enough for a day; – the square package contains one serving of nutrition, but contains an increased amount of protein and is a clean meat product.

This was reflected in the name of the project – an English idiom DOGGY BAG. To prepare this product, simply dip the box in cold water for 25 minutes and you can immediately give it to your pet. The food is as natural as possible and retains all its nutrients and vitamins. Great for those who want the very best for their little friend, and also a great alternative to dry food.