Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina


Gintographic by Sure Argentina @makeamarkproject


🙌 A project by KURZ, Estal and Avery Dennison.

Brought to life by various acclaimed designers and their unprecedented works of packaging art.


“Gutenberg created movable typefaces, which, like this Gin, were made by hand”.


The team at Sure wanted to pay homage to the first printing system, the movable type press created by Gutenberg in 1440. The concept is to represent this printing method on a playful bottle that can be used as a printing press. With this, people could experience the process of printing with movable types, and roller like it was done centuries ago. The cap is a movable type with a wooden base, and the back label is made up wood-like paper.

This is how GINTOGRAPHIC (Gin + Typographic)


_Bottle: @estal_packaging (España)

_Paper: Fasson Birch Wood de @averydennison (EEUU)

_Stampings: @leonhardkurz (Alemania)

_Print: @oesteargentinosrl (Argentina)

Stoper: @labrenta (Italia)

_Renders: @_jpdominguez (Argentina)

_Team: @surebrandesign @agus_andre @gabebritez @marlambrus @emi_renzi @sgfriera @sinelfiltro @martugiaccone