THYMIKO | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Umbrella Branding

Katouni, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece

THYMIKO | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ktima Lefko is a bio farm of 650 acres with 10.000 olive trees, located in the Peninsula of Sithonia, Chalkidiki.

The estate spreads between two streams which separate it from foreign properties. Irrigation comes primarily from natural dams that collect rainwater through a biodynamic process. Lefko Biofarm is based on the principles of sustainable cultivation. An autonomous system where every organism plays a vital role.

We approached this branding project as a whole, as a soul.


An ancient allegory that Plato included in his work “Faidros”. Socrates philosophizes with a friend about the nature of the soul and resembles it with a winged chariot dragged by two horses. The charioteer that controls the reins, is the logical part of ourselves.

The white horse is called Thymiko and represents the emotional state of our soul while the black is called Epithymitiko and refers to our urges and instincts.

The philosophy behind our production is based on our feelings about extra virgin olive oil and how important it is to balance all the elements and forces of nature to achieve the finest flavor and aroma.

We followed a typographic approach throughout the packaging design, using different techniques to highlight various production layers and underline the brand’s philosophical message.

Copper elements signify the passage of time and the inevitable decay that comes with all things natural and is essential to the ecosystem continuum.