Volfas Engelman – Brut Des Flandres Beer

Bold Brands

D. Poškos g. 6, Kaunas 44293, Lithuania

Brut des Flanders is one of the most exclusive and technologically complex beers. It is a unique and rare double-fermented beer made for sophisticated tongues, using only barley malt, hops and yeast.

The fairly traditional design perfectly reflects historical side of the brand. However, the unusual and bright colours of the champagne bottle label set the tone that the product inside is quite unusual and exclusive. Both the beer and the design perfectly reflect the combination of high quality, deep traditions and experimental and exclusive taste.

Small elements and delicate details like glossy varnish and embossed graphic elements creates quality and luxury feel. And overall balance is achieved combining matte paper stock with glossy varnish surfaces.


Bold Brands

D. Poškos g. 6, Kaunas 44293, Lithuania
Creative Direction & Design: Vytenis Lukošius
Strategy: Motiejus Gaigalas
Visuals: Marius Balčiūnas
Volfas Engelman (Olvi Group)