Marco D'Aroma

via dei Peligni, 95 - 65127 Pescara

A project inspired by the circularity of time, the phases of the moon, and the sharing of pleasure.

Editor’s note:

Wine packaging design has the potential to be both beautiful and functional. This design project is a perfect example of that, inspired by the cyclical nature of time, the phases of the moon, and the pleasure of sharing a bottle of wine with friends and family. The use of a black bottle with a white circle representing the moon phases is an innovative way to bring together all aspects of this design.

The beauty of the bottle stands out on its own, inspiring awe from anyone who lays eyes on it. Furthermore, the concept of time, symbolized by the circular pattern, brings to mind the idea that good times last forever when shared with people you love. And finally, the phases of the moon remind us of the special occasions we celebrate with a glass of wine, making us want to share our experiences with others.

This unique design truly captures the essence of wine in a creative and engaging manner. It is sure to stand out among other designs and make an impressive statement on any shelf or dinner table.