Manufacturer: Sky Resources Sdn Bhd
Creative Team Leader: Elliot Chang
Photographer: Caiden Tan
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Limited Edition Skincare & Food Supplement Seasonal Gift
Packaging Contents: Skin Care & Food Supplement
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle, Aluminum Sachet, Metal Tin, Paper
Printing Process: Offset Lithography, Lamination, Spot UV Coating, Hot Stamping, Emboss, Screen Printing

The Concept
2023 Chinese New Year is the year of the Rabbit.  This limited-edition seasonal gift is specially formulated & designed for our supporting clientele, friends & family during this festive season.  The concept revolved around the Rabbit from the all-time favorite children’s story, “Alice in Wonderland”. 

The Giftbox
The cover of the gift box depicts a large metallic rainbow stamped circle, symbolizing the rabbit hole, surrounded by the embossed Chinese wishes ” 美夢成真“, which translates to Wishing your dreams come true.

At the back of the gift box has another Chinese wishes that is “心想事成“ in transparent Spot UV coating finish.

Upon opening the box, the recipient will be greeted with a handwritten greeting card, beneath it lies a set of customed designed Red Packets, together with the wonderful Skincare & health supplement products.  The inner box cover is covered with illustrations of different flowers, taking the users into the garden in Alice’s wonderland.

The Red Packets
The red packets come in 6 different designs, each design will have 2 packs in a packet holder.  The red packets tell the story of Alice In Wonderland using minimalist geometric shapes.

The Skincare
The Skincare bottle has a flat bottle cap, but with a rounded bottom. The users will have to place them upside-down when not in use, and turn them over during application. Instead of putting the names sideways, we’ve decided that in accordance with the Wonderland concept, we wanted the users to have some fun, thus we designed the product name using ambigram.  

All three skincare was infused with different tea flowers’ essence, tieing them back to the concept from the Tea Party in Alice’s wonderland.

The Supplements
Both supplements have “Eat Me” & “Drink Me” labels on the inner box. Although in the real world, we are unable to magically turn people into Giants or shrink them to the height of a caterpillar, the supplements are designed to provide better & healthier skin conditions, whereas the chewable candy has is good for the eyes. (Common believes that Rabbit loves carrot and carrot is good for the eyes, see what we did there? 😉

The Rabbit
Follow the golden rabbit they say.  Multiple rabbits are hidden all over the packaging & red packets as a small easter egg for those who wish to find them all.

We sincerely hope that our creations can bring joy, happiness, health & beauty to those who receive them.  Thank you.

Sky Resources

George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Sky Resources Group