Hydrafacial, a category-creating brand at the intersection of beauty and aesthetics, partnered with creative agency Free The Birds to refresh its visual identity and brand architecture to support its explosive global growth plans.

Beloved by its vibrant Hydrafacial Nation community of estheticians, consumers and partners, Hydrafacial caters to a diverse and global audience crossing B2B and B2C touchpoints. The non-invasive treatment, performed by a professional esthetician, uses a patented vortex fusion device to improve skin health, create a glow like no other, and boost personal confidence.

In its work for the brand, Free The Birds sustained recognition of Hydrafacial as a fun and engaging brand, while elevating and maturing its identity as a premium, yet accessible, experience for both businesses and consumers.

Hydrafacial’s logotype was elevated by tweaking the positioning of the water droplet found in the upside down “i” of the original, to slip it into the curvature of the “f’ in the new logotype. The design team also introduced a hero visual – the pulsating droplet – that descends in a cascade of blue hues to bring depth to each brand touchpoint; from packaging to Hydrafacial’s immersive brand experiences and events.

Free The Birds collaborated closely with Hydrafacial’s internal creative team, who directed photo shoots and the creation of a brand book.

“We are proud of our vibrant Hydrafacial brand and community. We wanted the brand look and feel to grow with us, but also ensure that our community of estis, partners and consumers still recognise us. Free The Birds has provided a refresh that evokes the highly effective, personalised treatment we offer and promises to unify the Hydrafacial brand experience across the 90 countries where we operate,” said BeautyHealth President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stanleick.

Matthew Gilpin, Design Director at Free The Birds commented: “Hydrafacial brand awareness is booming in countries around the world, so we had to ensure that the brand identity retained recognition in an elevated way that is transferable globally.”

The rebrand has been rolled out on all digital touchpoints and will incrementally be introduced to physical ones later this year.