molany-Classic ultra-thin series


Molandi (molany) is a brand of NORBOND Group. While Murandi provides high-quality products, it also encourages everyone to bravely explore and enjoy a healthy and wonderful life.

Murandi’s brand mission is to enhance people’s awareness of safety and health in intimate relationships between the sexes. Promote innovation to continuously develop safe and reliable products, and encourage people to continue to pursue beautiful sexual intimacy. And it is committed to promoting the steady development of the gender health industry and preventing AIDS, which has promoted the prevention and treatment of AIDS in China and the health education of adolescents’ sex and personality.

When we got this project, it was based on the needs of customers and the market. We have carefully considered making consumers better accept. The ever-changing infinity symbol is used to design the classic ultra-thin series products. Through the selection of paper, embossing process and white area laser process, the characteristics of the product are reflected. Each single product uses a different color infinity symbol to reflect the functional characteristics of every single product. The brand wants to encourage everyone to bravely explore sexual intimacy and enjoy a healthy and wonderful life, enhance people’s awareness of safety and health, and is committed to promoting the gender health industry.