Blossoming Time City Souvenir Series


Flower City Souvenir Series

Every city has its own unique development history and humanistic culture. It can be said that every city has its own life. Humanistic characteristics and urban characteristics are the temperament of a city.

“Blooming Season” records the iconic scenery of each city through paintings, photography, place names, and dialects, commemorating the beauty of the city and the memories of the good times that people linger on.

Flowering period x Shanghai

Characteristics are an indispensable quality of a city and also its eternal vitality. History is the root of the city and culture is the soul of the city

Bring Shanghai home

Shanghai is the most charming city. Walking on the Bund, you can feel the blend of Chinese and Western cultures. Ancient and modern, rush and leisure, collide and blend with each other. There is no sense of disobedience. It seems contradictory, but it always reveals a harmonious and natural atmosphere. . Admire the skyline of the Bund and the many Chinese and foreign-style buildings. Here you can enjoy great views of the city, great food and a great atmosphere.

Shanghainese-Shanghai accent

Shanghainese is a Chinese dialect formed over a long period of time in the Shanghai area. It brings together the essence of Wuyue and Jiangnan languages and cultures and has profound cultural accumulation. Shanghainese carries the echo of the times, cultural heritage and historical memory of the city of Shanghai.