This is a product packaging design for mid-autumn food. The main target is children. He interacts with children through the design of alien spaceships. How did the original idea come about? It was me and my son. When chatting in the evening, talking about Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese traditions, and delicious moon cakes, my son said to me, if our Chinese moon cakes can be as delicious as cakes, and if their packaging can be used by alien spaceships. It’s the same, how good it should be.

I designed this idea in the form of a concept. I think it conveys a child’s exploration of the universe, an innovation for food, and at the same time for children, he is the future of the world! It also symbolizes the combination of our traditional Chinese culture and our new generation, continuous innovation and blending. Let our future consumers think about accepting some foods from our traditional culture in an interesting and playful way. The design of spaceship moon cakes also reflects the integration of new human beings, new products, and new cultures and traditional cultures.

I hope that through the food packaging design of spaceship packaging, we can let our children have a better understanding of Chinese culture and a fusion of world culture so that children can love our traditional festivals and our beautiful world more, and then let children love our traditional festivals more.

They are full of innocence and joy, and then his life is that sweet feeling, full of curiosity about all things so that the whole mind can retain the desire for the universe and the exploration of the universe in childhood, hope In the future, they can go out of the earth to explore the universe, and then make contributions to our human civilization and human progress. Although it is a small food package, it has the dreams of young people and the exploration of children and then lets the food and exploration And the mystery become the link. A way for children to care about traditional Chinese culture and world culture.