Shruti Anand

Delhi, India

Morbagh is a Tea brand purely based out of Assam, India. Their Small Tea Growers are experts in the meticulous art of hand plucking and selecting the best tea leaves with beautiful textures and purity from their own farms. These fine teas are then processed in their clean and hygienic automated processing facility. It is then blended to get the perfect cup of rich taste, distinct aroma and the maltiness of a perfect Assam Tea. The teas are then packed where it was processed, preserving the freshness of the dry leaves in the pouch. This process cuts short the long supply chain which is traditionally followed in the tea industry. Hence Morbagh tea has the silkiest textures, delectable flavours, and freshest leaves that you can enjoy brewed straight from Assam.

The client’s design brief was to create a unique design setting their brand apart from the tea available in the Indian market. Visuals that encapsulate a contemporary peacock garden while highlighting the royal taste and intricate notes of the tea and its superior quality.

Indian tea market is full of designs with visuals of the tea in a cup, tea leaves, steam, etc. We wanted to steer away from these visuals for this premium category and create a design that metaphorically emphasizes the brand’s pride in meticulously selecting only the finest leaves and the number of details they go into to insure the best quality for their teas. A design that is simple yet complex, luxurious yet affordable, and direct yet subtle.

This was achieved by working with crisp geometric vector line forms that flowed from the 2 peacocks in the middle toward a dreamy abstract garden with fountains of delicious tea spilling out. It was also essential to create a perfect balance of text and design so that there was a design hierarchy and coherence.

This design tapped into all the aspects that the client wanted to be highlighted and depicted of a contemporary peacock garden that is not too much on the nose and that brings forth its cleanliness, freshness, premium quality, and intricate flavors. It resulted in a visual that could be utilized across several forms of packaging, especially beautifully embossed tin boxes of tea.