Shruti Anand

Delhi, India

Fat Pundit is a Ghee brand based out of the Netherlands. Ghee or clarified butter is a staple ingredient in most Indian homes. The client wanted the packaging to be a modern take on the Pundit (a type of expert/advisor) with a background dedicated to the farms of the Netherlands.

The brand’s story was based on an Indian story about a pundit who cooked all his food only in ghee. “The purity of ghee makes it a golden elixir filled with health benefits – a gift from the gods” is what he always said. The pandit ingested ridiculous amounts of ghee every day but never gained weight. Amazed at seeing this, a young boy decided to spread the word about the fat pundit.

Main Market: Europe | Target Audience: 15-80 years old

The packaging design was primarily focused on illustrating the “Fat Pundit” – A happy, cheerful and healthy pundit. The product name was highlighted by positioning the text in the center of the packaging and between the hands of the pundit as if to reveal the secrets of a happy and healthy life.

The background scenery highlights with famous windmills of the Netherlands and the grass-fed cows that provide the milk from which ghee is made. The design has a warm, fresh, and natural quality that immediately clicks with the concept of a healthy and good quality ghee product.