Panceri Moscato Wine – Birds


R. São Leopoldo - Vila Nova, Blumenau - SC, 89035-050, Brasil

The objective of the “Pássaros” – or birds in english – varietal wine line was to create simple and elegant labels featuring bird illustrations.

The line has 2 products, with one being a Moscato with a canary illustration and the Merlot Rosé with a swallow illustration. When the bottles are seen side by side, the labels connect, forming a harmonious seamless pattern.

For the Moscato label, the Earth Canary – Sicalis Flaveola –  was chosen as the focal point due to its prevalence in the area where the client – Panceri Winery – is located. The illustration, created using watercolor, depicts the canary sitting on a Begonia Aconitifolia, a plant – also common in the region – with green and red tones that complement the wine color and the warm yellow of the canary. The technique used in the illustration is watercolor, creating a soft and delicate look, just like the wine.​​​​​​​