Mongilardi Cantucci


R. São Leopoldo - Vila Nova, Blumenau - SC, 89035-050, Brasil

The challenge of transforming the tradition and flavor of Mongilardi’s Cantucci biscuits into a unique and memorable visual experience was embraced with enthusiasm. The solution found was packaging that evokes warmth, familiarity, and sophistication, irresistibly conveying the essence of the brand.

Every detail of the packaging was designed to create an emotional connection with the consumer. Inspired by Tuscany, the house-shaped format evokes a feeling of coziness and invites the consumer to connect with the brand’s story. Details such as the golden hot stamping add a touch of exclusivity and elegance, enhancing the brand and product’s perceived value. The packaging stands out on the shelf and captivates the consumer at first sight, boosting sales and brand visibility.

The warm color palette, composed of shades of brown, cream, and yellow, awakens the desire to try the delicious Cantucci biscuits. Additionally, the violet color, in homage to the Viola surname of the founders’ grandmother, integrates into the palette as a tribute to Mongilardi’s tradition and legacy.

Each package is a unique and exclusive work of art, thanks to the manual illustration, making the product even more special and desirable.



R. São Leopoldo - Vila Nova, Blumenau - SC, 89035-050, Brasil
Photos: Anlè
Illustration: Arth