Nicosia, Cyprus

How can you make a project about forgotten toys memorable? Using a playful, yet bold, brand identity, custom illustrations, minimal and strong typography and bold colors, is always a good idea.

The Forgotten Toys Project is an online space, specialized in the collection, maintenance and re-sell of vintage toys, memorabilia, and vintage collectibles as well as an online community that shares news and tips on the hobby of vintage toy collecting. The toys are provided by local and international thrift stores, vintage stores and resellers.

For the Forgotten Toys Project a custom brand identity was created that included a logo, custom stationery, custom thank-you note, envelopes, stickers, custom tape, t-shirts, pins etc. The brand identity and logo are legible, minimal, and high in contrast with a playful attitude that pays an homage to vintage design, perfectly aligned with the concept of vintage toy collecting.


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