the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

the Labelmaker: Breaking the Mold with a Unique Design between Tradition and Innovation

Differente wine is a celebration of difference and diversity, encapsulated in a bottle of fine wine. The wine label design is a reflection of its unique qualities, taking the best of two worlds to create a singular experience. The pegasus logo from Libera Wines and the arch from Hotovo Wines come together in a harmonious fusion to create the Differente brand.

The design of the label is a work of art in itself, using paper with a smooth texture and an embossed logo that is partly stamped with hotfoil to give the design a rich, intricate detail. The Differente brand is printed in high-build raised varnish, with the first “f” flipped to give the brand a unique, interesting sound that is in harmony with its meaning. The arch at the bottom is stamped with a turquoise hot foil, with micro-engraved lines that add an elegant touch to the design.

The bottle itself is a tapered Bordeaux style, with a strong and masculine presence, yet still elegant and stylish. The sealing is made with a metal capsule printed in the same turquoise color to match the foil from the label, creating a cohesive and well-designed package. The amazing print of the label is done by Dagaprint, ensuring that each bottle is a work of art.

Differente wine is not your traditional Bulgarian wine. It’s different, taking the best of the Struma Valley region and combining it with innovative design and unique flavors. It’s the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, and a true celebration of difference.