B!ATCH Tequila co-founders Sue Hrib and Dr. Irina Kogan are unwavering in their commitment to the brand’s mission of women supporting women. They ensure that this mission remains central to every business decision they make. The combination of the brand’s unapologetic attitude and dedication to community has caught the attention of female leaders nationwide. In under six months, B!ATCH has expanded from its initial two investors, Sue and Irina, to include 75 #BossBiatches from various backgrounds, such as university students, homemakers, former Army pilots, and CEOs.

The packaging design of B!ATCH Tequila is a true testament to its bold and feminine spirit. Encrusted with shimmering crystals, the bottle exudes glamour and sophistication. No detail is too small for B!ATCH Tequila, and the closure is no exception. Resembling a large diamond, the closure serves as a luxurious finishing touch to the bottle’s design. B!ATCH Tequila’s distinctive, proprietary lip-shaped bottles have made appearances at prominent events and parties in Atlanta, L.A., Las Vegas, London, Miami, and NYC. To follow the journey of B!ATCH Tequila and see where the bottle will show up next, keep an eye on their Instagram account, @biatchtequila.