Franky: Sassy & Classy Gin


Designer & Illustrator: Pavla Chuykina
Designer: Galima Akhmetzyanova
3D Imagery: Pavel Gubin
Location: Australia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper

Franky is the life of the party. She is bright and bold, sassy and classy.

Franky Gin captures the sweet gin moments: hanging out with your girlfriends whether on a sunny terrace next to a pool or a night party. This gin brings something new and different, something totally off the beaten track and yet completely remarkable in its flavours. It is distilled in small batches with traditional botanicals following all traditional setups needed to be followed. Perfectly balanced and wonderfully complex.

Sip responsibly!

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What’s Unique?
Franky is a short form ‘Frankenstein’ which has been perceived as a monster for centuries. We think of ‘Frankenstein’ as more of a unique mix. As today’s world goes on high speed, changing every single minute and opening new opportunities over and over again, there were so many things we wanted to say and as we did, we stitched those together. Franky Gin became our manifesto of Diversity and Equality.