Making sustainable choices simple and joyful

New start-up company Bottlecup approached us to create a brand for them that championed their mission to make a sustainable drinking vessel that was also versatile and adaptable to requirements.
Bottlecup makes life easier for busy people who want to waste less, carry less and enjoy more. It’s a plastic-free reusable coffee cup, and a water bottle in one.

While the technology and sustainability credentials are incredibly impressive, we wanted to engage consumers on a more emotional level, making it clear that Bottlecup helps you make those small everyday changes that make life better for everyone. From having an easy to remember hot drinking vessel close to hand to help stop those repeated visits for coffee and tea on a day out, or for remembering to keep up your water intake through-out the day. Bottlecup makes it easier to make it part of your daily routine.

A joyful brand that put Bottlecup into the lives of busy coffee drinkers who care about their world and their impact. We created illustrative and graphical assets to build a friendly, simple way of communicating functionality and a bold colour palette to denote positivity and confidence.

We also directed the product photography, making it easy for consumers to understand the product usability and product innovations. But we also balanced this with people and occasion-focused lifestyle photography, to highlight the accessibility and everyday perks of Bottlecup.

Bottlecup has just launched so get yourself one. bottlecup.comThe nice thing about Bottlecup is the focus on sustainability and they are 100% plastic free, made from food grade silicon.


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