LEVSKI 1968 Packaging Experience


Levski is one of the most famous Bulgarian football (soccer) clubs. LEVSKI 1968 Packaging Experience is a commemorative box dedicated to Levski’s championship-winning match from the same year. The packaging also pays tribute to Georgi Asparuhov (4 May 1943 – 30 June 1971), nicknamed Gundi – voted the best Bulgarian footballer and Europe’s 40th best player of the 20th century.

The box holds a reproduction of Gundi’s 1968 match shirt, an acrylic quote plaque, an autographed and numbered football card, a folded poster with an AR filter for social media, and a 3D hot-foiled replica of the 1968 trophy.

In addition, the design and the selection of the materials are appropriate for the classic look of the project.

Inspired by Gundi’s number 9 shirt, we designed a custom 68 for the box’s front, signifying the year of the championship-winning match.

The box is made of uncoated heavy stock and is hot-foiled in two colors using gold and transparent foils. It has embossed round patterns that resemble the tracks around some soccer fields. The box also has a tiered construction like a stadium.

The shirt is a reproduction of Georgi Asparuhov’s shirt from the 1968 match. Its inside label lists all the footballers that played in the 1968 match, including the chairman of the team, the coach, and the assistant coach.
Our version of the shirt is machine-made with premium materials, but in 1968, all shirts were hand-made by the players’ wives.

The acrylic plaque has a quote from Gundi that reads: “If one day, I hope it does not happen, they dismiss me from the team, and nobody else wants me, I will be playing in the hood, but I will be playing because I cannot live without football!”. The design resembles the box’s pattern idea featuring Levski’s old monogram and Gundi’s number 9, as seen on his shirt.

The autographed and numbered football cards depict the last living teammates of Georgi Asparuhov, as only 6 of them are alive today. They are all signed and numbered by the players, while each box gets a random card.

The folded poster is a color-inverted representation of the outer packaging and tells the story of the 1968 match. It also shows original photographs of the players, the trophy, and the football field. The poster includes two QR codes that provide access to the Instagram/Facebook AR filter specially made for the occasion. The filter allows you to see the trophy from 1968 in person. We designed it using the actual trophy as a reference, creating CGI assets and a 3D embossing die for printing the hot-foiled replica of the 1968 trophy.

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