Mákvirág Artisan Soap

Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Mákvirág is a Hungarian artisan soap workshop, where different soaps are made from goat’s milk. Their reliable quality products are made from the most natural materials possible. The workshop’s medial objective is to use only one soap for everyday cleaning (shower gel, shampoo, face wash), symbolised by the logo, which is made up of three circles (referring to the foaming): its intersections represent a 3-in-1 solution and give a stylised poppy, depicted from above, with a black poppy seed in the centre.

I aimed for the packaging to be elegant, simple and feminine, and to stand out in the soap market with its minimalist wording.

The packaging I designed is available in both single and collection packaging. The latter includes a unique handmade ceramic soap dish with poppy seeds for a natural effect. Both packages feature two main colours: red (poppy flower) and beige (traditional point).

The slits, which can be understood as references to the logo, also reveal the look and smell of the soap, which can be essential when buying.

I also paid special attention to its environmental friendliness, while trying to create a packaging that is easy to shelve, easy to use and easy to open. I chose recycled, colourful papers, so I only had to use two colour prints. The packaging is double-walled, as this not only provides an elegant and durable structure but also requires no gluing, enabling reduced glue use.


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Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary
Designer: Eszter Kálmán
Tutor: Judit Tóth
Tutor: Eszter Szőcs
Corvin Art School