Brecon Carreg Tonic Water

A real tonic for Brecon

The number 1 Welsh water brand extends into the tonics category.

The Task

Brecon Carreg, the leading Welsh water brand, identified an opportunity to expand into the tonics category, becoming the first major water brand to do so. Our task was to leverage the brand’s equities to create a unique presence in the market.

The Process

Extensive research and analysis, including studying competitors and understanding the role of tonic waters guided the development of design concepts. These concepts incorporated the brand’s recognised visual assets in innovative ways, striking a balance between familiarity and differentiation. The result was a range of four variants: Classic, Light, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

We took care in crafting a colour palette that harmonises with the natural ingredients used in these tonics. Each variant boasts a distinct colour that reflects the flavour profile, inviting consumers to indulge their senses in a captivating visual journey.

The Result

The new tonic range was successfully launched in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, and CK Foods stores across Wales. Brecon Carreg’s entry into the tonics market has generated excitement and positioned them as a trusted and innovative Welsh brand.