Loane Formula Brand and Packaging Design for Natural Cosmetics



Rotu:create is a challenge among the students of the Labeling course, where the professors develop one or two complete cases focused on packaging development and product labeling, so that the student can put into practice the knowledge passed in the classes.

In this case, which I present to you here the result, the client was looking for something that would bring the idea of the brand in a way that differentiated it from the other products already on the market. That it was striking, and showed the quality of refined materials without appearing sophisticated.

The company Loane Formula produces sustainable cosmetics that emerged to transform the skin care routine in a simple and sustainable way. Since the beginning of the creation of Loane®, the creators have been concerned with the perfect balance between nature and technology for the well-being and self-care routine.

By bringing the serration of the knife, together with the elements and colors, I achieved a clean design and a hierarchy of information, leaving it elegant and different without leaving something too sophisticated, but modern. And with the icon designed for the brand, working the brand as something related to the molecules of nature. In general, it met all the needs of the briefing and brought to the project the whole idea of sustainability in the production of liquid contents.

In the end, the project received an honorable mention for its development, ranking third among the best projects in this briefing and a 10 for the design as a whole.