NutriPet – Wet Food for Cats



Natural Pet is a brand created with the aim of offering healthy and natural food products for cats. From the beginning, the brand has aimed to offer high quality food that meets the nutritional needs of pets, without compromising their health or well-being.

To guarantee the quality of its products, Natural Pet only uses high quality ingredients and carefully selected production processes to maintain the essential nutrients in the food. Seeking in this way, to reduce the environmental impact of its production, using sustainable techniques of agriculture and manufacturing.For communication, the visual language strategy was to develop a project with the rebellious and adventurous archetypes. Because it seeks to differentiate itself from other products in the sector, delivering something fun and focused on pet health.

To further ensure the sustainable idea, it was suggested to use a pouch with a zip closure to better preserve the food and also to give the kitten’s owner the option to store this food in the refrigerator. Another factor is that the pouch material is easy to recycle, and has been widely used for food marketing. Taking advantage of the easy handling of the pouch, the idea arose to implement an inclusive initiative for people with visual impairments. Where she could have the reading experience through printing or textured press and also by helping with reading the information in audio by reading the qr code on the back with her cell phone.

The study project won an honorable mention at the end of its presentation in the Curso Rotulando, and praise for the inclusive initiative for people with visual impairments.

This is a fictitious study-oriented project, if you want to call it yours, contact us through the website in the profile.