The Clave is born from a family idea with a history in the coffee world. The Bianchi family already carried out the grain trade to Brazil and for export, but the desire to eternalize the family experience made the Clave born.

The entrepreneur’s business idea was to create a signature brand and also a cafeteria that would provide customers with an experience involving: coffee, music and art. From this central information in the briefing, I took the opportunity to implement a concept where the design focused on the senses. In the case of taste – coffee, listening – music and vision – art.

From this junction of the 3 senses, it was possible to think of a free-hand illustration for the packaging, and also use them for all the brand communication in the physical, digital and printed space.

The Clave is a study project developed for the completion of Marcelo Kimura’s ID Class course. If you liked this project, send an email to talk.

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