Background: May Foods is a multi-country operating company, with more than 2000 employees, focusing on hot beverages, namely tea and coffee. The company produces and markets 4 tea brands (RICHARD, Curtis, Mayskiy, Lisma) and 1 coffee brand (Coffesso).  The brands are represented in more than 25 countries nowadays.

Richard is the flagship brand of May Foods for international markets based on traditional English tea culture values.

Key point: The strong portfolio of premium gift tea packaging needs a continuous production of new ideas, new concepts, in order to keep alive. The creative study will develop a new line for the Duty-Free market.

The project: for this solution, we started with the refined and elegant style of the brand language working on a tin packaging with classic features. On this basis, we have created three different patterns that imaginatively interpret the atmosphere of the different varieties of tea. The final goal achieved is that of a very solid and compact range capable at the same time of expressing the multiplicity of tastes within it.

Curator’s Insight: The tin packaging is a smart choice, as it preserves the freshness and aroma of the tea, while also being durable and reusable. The classic shape and size of the tins make them easy to store and transport. What really impressed me, however, were the beautiful patterns that adorn each tin. They are not only eye-catching and stylish but also reflect the personality and flavor of each tea variety.  The patterns are harmonious in their colors and shapes, creating a cohesive and elegant range. I think this new line of gift tea packaging from Richard is a brilliant example of how to combine functionality and aesthetics, while also enhancing the brand identity and value proposition.


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Creative Director: Barbara Cesura
Creative Director: Giacomo Stefanelli
Managing Director: Stefano Dell'Orto
May Food