Tin Packaging for Casa Del Dolce Panettone


Panettoni Cakes of ‘Casa del Dolce Bertolini e Figli’ (House of Bertolini and Sons’s Cakes), the best panettone cake in Italy . Winning the first prize in the contest “The Best Panettone Cake GOLD” about Italian pastry is surely a great success to be celebrated and enhanced with a package that of course only a champion deserves. This is what we briefly were told about the creation of the identity of the panettone cakes of ‘Casa del Dolce Bertolini e Figli’. This project started from the design system made for the new brand and immediately applied to another famous product, the “Mandorlato”. However, it has to differs slightly from it in terms of elegance and preciousness starting from the material used: a tin.

This has been the starting point that made us create a special layout dedicated to Chistmas event but at the same time enough elegant and stylish to live 365 days in house while bought . The result is that the packaging remains traditional and timeless, but with a contemporary style.

The great work we’ve done has been to use at its maximum the potential of the material: embossing, debossing, shades, shiny and matt effects combined together to make the overall feeling of a well balanced and harmonious premium packaging.

The result is a packaging being sold out in one months, more better than the best expectation on a premium level offer.

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Creative Director: Giacomo Stefanelli
Creative Director: Barbara Cesura
General Manager: Stefano Dell'Orto
Casa del Dolce Bertolini & Figli