I Biscotti di Matilde



“Matilde Vicenzi’s story started in 1905 with a fine production of pastries, Savoy biscuits, amaretto biscuits and puff pastries. Matilde Vicenzi’s world is captivating and fascinating, created to bring sweet times and warmth to people we’re fond of”.

Quality has always been at the heart of Vicenzi’s products. It is an aspect that Grandmother Matilde Vicenzi valued deeply and a principle that has been passed on, from generation to generation.

This conceptual position is expressed by the Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi brand which shows the icon of the lady, and the packaging system that transmits traditional quality with a contemporary style dedicated to lovers of classic Italian patisserie.


After in-depth analysis of the whole of Matilde’s mouth-watering world, it was clear that the brand has strong awareness and potential to propose a new offer into the breakfast field.

It has to be defined the necessity to develop a product that could represent the heritage of the brand and, in the same time, a contemporary solution for the modern lifestyle.

The project:

The project started considering the packaging design system of the pastry range. The idea was to maintain a family feeling but at the same time be enough unique to be clearly talking to a completely different usage occasion.

The upper part of the packaging has the same shape of the system but it includes part of the original diary of Matilde Vicenzi. The fragment has been written by a professional calligraph to exalt the human presence behind everything. The bottom part of the pack has been dedicated to express easily and clearly the positioning of the product: a good and tasteful breakfast with natural ingredients.

The overall perception is a fresh and sunny morning where all the components of the family can be satisfied from the first lunch of the day.


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Partner&ManagingDirector: Stefano Dell'Orto
Partner & Creative Director: Barbara Cesura
Vicenzi SpA