Bringing a deeper sensory experience to a cup of coffee

cama café’s summer-themed season, “A Journey of the Five Senses,” sets sail on a cross-boundary adventure, collaborating with the perfume brand P.Seven, professional barista/blogger Coffee Steward Jerry, and music/party brand Minsheng Electric. Through taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch, we aim to create a new realm of coffee sensory experience.

We have collaborated with P.Seven to create exclusive perfumes tailored for coffee enjoyment.

These perfumes enhance the olfactory experience, allowing you to amplify the aroma while savoring a cup of coffee. Paired with a specially designed playlist by Minelectro Inc., we aim to provide consumers with an immersive sensory experience through taste, smell, and hearing. Immerse yourself in the imaginative realm of a cup of coffee, and indulge in the most unique and profound sensory experience of all five senses.

A fragrant cup of coffee awakens the senses, while an exploration of the unknown can inspire creativity.

Waking up to the familiar aroma of coffee in different cities is a convenient ritual on the go. A fragrant cup of coffee awakens the senses, much like an exploration of the unknown can ignite inspiration. We have decided to delve deeper into the elements of aroma and olfactory memory, continuing to explore the five senses of coffee and offering consumers more imaginative possibilities with each cup.

The first perfume tailor-made for enjoying coffee

In collaboration with the perfume brand P.Seven, three limited-edition coffee beverages have been crafted into city-inspired perfumes, along with an exclusive perfume for the cama café brand. Amplifying the olfactory experience of enjoying a cup of coffee, the cama café brand perfume combines woody undertones with the sweet and refreshing scent of ripe fruits and nutty milk sweetness. Through scent, it perfectly captures the warm and gentle ambiance of cama café and the delightful aroma of coffee.

Curator’s Insight: This is an innovative way of using packaging design to add value and meaning to coffee, and to make consumers feel more involved and inspired by the brand.