A Sip of Spring | Bubble Tea Visual Identity Design

As the gentle breeze blows, the delicate white flowers, gracefully dancing in the mountain stream, resemble a flock of white butterflies alighting in a field of flowers. They are wild ginger flowers, also known as white butterfly ginger flowers. This ethereal and tranquil scene sets the stage for our spring project, dubbed “A Sip of Spring,” aiming to capture the nimbleness and vibrancy of spring in a refreshing cup of tea to share with you.

“What if we represented ikebana with balloon shapes?” Centered around the concepts of “youth” and “spring,” we embarked on visualizing the “lightness of early spring” and the “Oriental beauty of tea.” Through this process, we aimed to strike a playful yet appropriate balance, offering viewers an intuitive and whimsical experience as they savor a sip of spring.

The wild ginger flowers, nurtured by the pure waters of Dawu Mountain in Pingtung, are carefully handpicked and dried at low temperatures for an extended period to preserve their unique fragrance. We’ve selected 100% Wakayama yuzu juice, combined with Ehime yuzu peel simmered in sugar over low heat, to create a juicy, sweet-and-sour sensation that envelops the yuzu peel’s distinctive sweetness and richness, adding layers of yuzu fragrance and texture. These three new beverages blend seamlessly with the essence of spring.