MIMIHUA Rice Popcorn | Year of the Dragon Visual Identity Design

“Amidst the dragon’s dance in the clouds, pearls spiral, auspicious clouds swirl, and good fortune bursts like fireworks.”

“MIMIHUA” is a brand that crafts popcorn from rice. For the Lunar New Year, they’ve unveiled a special gift box celebrating the Year of the Dragon, a perfect fit for this festive occasion.

“MIMIHUA” offers a unique New Year’s blessing by merging the art of making popcorn with the imagery of a celestial dragon. The five-clawed golden dragon soars amidst billowing clouds, gracefully dancing in the fragrant aroma of buttery popcorn. With each crispy bite, you can taste the essence of the New Year amid the rich rice flavor.

Drawing inspiration from traditional dragon and cloud motifs, the visual concept combines the appearance of popcorn with the imagery of clouds. While maintaining a classic New Year’s vibe, it injects the brand identity with a playful, appetizing visual appeal and a touch of Eastern aesthetic humor. We aim to celebrate the reverence and nobility associated with dragons in Eastern culture by creating intriguing, culturally infused designs within the realm of fast-moving consumer goods, allowing consumers to intuitively experience the allure of Eastern aesthetics.

About the Dragon: The dragon has been a revered mythical creature in Chinese culture since ancient times. In Chinese tradition, the dragon is a symbol of good fortune, to the extent that Chinese culture is often referred to as the “culture of the dragon,” and Chinese people are called “descendants of the dragon.” Therefore, the Year of the Dragon is the most important year among the twelve zodiac years in the Eastern calendar. In ancient times, the dragon motif was even used as an imperial symbol, reserved exclusively for the emperor’s use. Commoners were not allowed to use it, and the number of dragon claws was used to differentiate between different levels of power and status: three claws represented a “mang,” four claws represented a “jiao,” and five claws were used exclusively for the emperor, signifying a true dragon.