Pistachio, both in pronunciation and writing in Chinese, carries the meaning of happiness, literally representing a nut that brings joy. When pronounced with a hint of a local accent, “開心果” (Pistachio) sounds like “a happy dog.”

“Drink Pistachio Beverage for joy,” “Tired like a dog? Better be a happy one,” “Why not be a campaign IP, the Happy Dog?” And just like that, the Happy Dog was born casually in conversations, bringing some joy to all of us.

“ODD ONE OUT (OOO Tea)” looks forward to sharing the joy and happiness that Pistachio brings. Maintaining the unique and quirky brand spirit, we introduce limited-edition drinks and merchandise under the playful homonym “Happy Dog” to celebrate the new launch in a light-hearted and humorous way.

We aim to break free from the conventional bubble tea imaginings with a distinct and non-conformist attitude. Through the Happy Dog IP, we enhance the product’s recognition, connecting the brand’s humor and peculiar freshness with the consumers. Even if life is dog-tiring, we all want to be a happy dog.

In the Happy Dog concept, we hope to intuitively convey the “joy of enjoying drinks and desserts.” Combining the “ODD ONE OUT” brand elements with the Happy Dog IP, we create visual languages like “Drink Pistachio, Be a Happy Dog,” “WOOOF!,” “Pistachill,” injecting loads of joy through a cup of drink.

Anticipating to interpret a contemporary visual language and aesthetic style, we want to offer consumers a unique new experience in this era with a cup of handcrafted beverage. How about we all have a bit of happiness?

About ODD ONE OUT: The innovative beverage brand “ODD ONE OUT” takes a distinct and non-conformist attitude, breaking away from the ordinary imaginings of bubble tea. Created in collaboration with beverage experts and renowned mixologists, combining international flavors, cocktail craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality natural ingredients, we meticulously develop a multi-layered taste experience, delivering a unique and fresh encounter for consumers.


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