Blunt umbrellas are an award-winning iconic Aotearoa New Zealand product, but through research, we discovered the current brand was more of a sales portal, lacking critical emotional connection with consumers.

We were tasked with building out a global brand platform to drive expansion into new markets and achieve growth targets, part of which was reinventing the packaging for these iconic umbrellas.

The new packaging needed to reflect everything that makes Blunt iconic as well as their mission to be a more sustainable business. Reflecting Blunt’s design ethos and principles, while transforming the in-store experience and enhancing the unboxing experience. The existing packaging was a real barrier to new customers. It lacked clear, recognisable branding and information (including the word ‘umbrella’). It was made from five different pieces, two of which were PET plastic. The screw tops were hard to operate, the plastic ends didn’t stop damage, and it had a heavy environmental footprint. In essence, it didn’t reflect Blunt or what they stand for and it wasn’t drawing new customers in or inspiring them to buy.

Our approach was to create packaging that embraced the Blunt design principles of confidence, joy, reduction and beauty. That meant removing anything unnecessary, like plastic, glue or processes; making it physically lighter, more timeless and long lasting. A lighter footprint, and a more a joyful user-friendly experience.

We developed the new packaging from a single sheet of black (inside and out) recyclable Coreflute which is structurally sound without glue or plastic. The bespoke, intricate die-cut folds in a way to protect the umbrella, adding strength and support for the pack ends and fitting snugly around the umbrella.

A single solution for both direct to consumer and in-store, it also works in harmony with a new merchandising system, The Cloud. Making it easier for retailers and more obviously and iconically recognisable for consumers. The black reflects the premium nature of the new positioning with the delightful pops of colour at the ends making umbrella colour choice simple and clear. The new packaging, with the iconic B shape, creates cut through in visually busy environments, using more technical illustration that clearly shows it is an umbrella.

Inspiring, educating and assisting new consumers with more relevant information and cues on pack. The new packaging is thoughtfully designed to create a memorable and enjoyable unboxing experience. More sustainable, more streamlined, more iconic. Something people feel proud to gift, excited to receive and enjoyable to open.

Curator’s Insight:

Blunt umbrellas are embarking on a fantastic journey of connection and sustainability. With a packaging that’s not just pretty but also planet-friendly, they’re showing us how design can make a real difference. It’s like they’re leading the way to a brighter and more joyful future, one umbrella at a time! ☔️🌈


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