This remarkable cognac was produced by the House of Gustov. Situated just outside Deronzac, on the road to Carbezieuz, it stands on the Cognacian chalk slopes where the vines can penetrate up to thirty metres.

At the time, the estate was about 7 hectares in size but, as was commonplace at the time, only produced about 3000 litres of wine from its Folle Blanche grapes.  Once distilled, the ensuing spirit was kept in oak casks in a fairly large cellar with clay floors – ideal for slowly maturing it into fine cognac. Having aged for about 70 years, this cognac was removed from its oak casks and placed into bonbonnes.  Very long barrel aging has created a beautifully balanced cognac, together with an intense chocolate brown/deep scarlet colour and depth of flavours.

Curator’s Insight: Bolimond has crafted a stunning cognac that showcases The House of Gustov’s expertise and heritage. The packaging design is influenced by the bonbonnes, the glass jars that stored the cognac for seven decades. The leather material expresses a sense of refinement and prestige, while the chocolate brown color reflects the deep and rich aromas of the cognac.


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