Organic farmer’s eggs



The project is based on direct associations that we often find in nature and sometimes manage to apply in packaging and other advertising media.

The Shell Ovum eggs supplied by our hens are raised in barns on a litter. Chickens are allowed to roam freely in barns, sit on perches, take a dust bath, and lay their eggs in their nests. This rearing method provides the hens with the most natural way of life.

Curator’s Insight: What a clever and cute way to package eggs! This egg carton design by Bolimond is not only attractive and playful but also practical. The design of this egg carton is simple yet effective, using minimal materials and space to create a fun and functional product. The carton is made of recycled paper that can be easily folded and secured with a tab or handle that is shaped like a crown of a rooster and that also makes it easy to carry and store.