Wild Fruit is the authentic sparkling lemon beverage from Italy that is bursting with sunshine and all the magical moments of a Sicilian summer. A true blend of Italian skill and creativity, and a perennial favorite since 2013, it is made from ingredients from natural origins, with the juice of carefully selected wild lemons. Its soft yellow color with bright green undertones is just like the perfectly ripe lemon glowing under the sun in the lemon grove. Open the bottle and its bold personality is immediately apparent thanks to the intense bouquet of lemons that fills the air.

Curator’s Insight

The use of “wild fruit” as a branding concept here is genius.”Wild” implies untamed, untamed implies unexpected and unexpected leads to intrigue. It sets the stage for something out of the ordinary, something that breaks away from the mundane. At first glance, you see these familiar and innocent fruits – This is where the magic happens. By juxtaposing the idea of “wild fruit” with these playful fruit monsters, the design gives you a surprise you didn’t see coming.