Dutch 45 Rum by Think Bold Studio

Legend has it that in 1975 Dutch searched the world for the best rum, but sadly he never returned to show the world his findings. 45 years later an exploration team found Dutch’s plane in the jungle of Venezuela and the recipe for the Rum. This rum is an homage to the man that never returned home.

The default visual language for Caribbean rums leans toward pirates, ships, and nautical motifs like anchors and rope. But the makers of Dutch45 gave the brand an intriguing backstory: A myth about a man named Dutch who set out in a single-seat airplane to find the world’s greatest rum. He disappeared, and 45 years later his downed plane was found in the jungle of Venezuela — along with the recipe for the rum.

For Dutch45, the usual tropes for the category weren’t appropriate. So we designed the label with a spirit of exploration, spotlighting Dutch’s plain, it’s tail afire as it coasts above the palm trees.

A compass rose, encased under a glass lens, adds a distinctive tactile touch that reinforces the narrative. You don’t have to know about Dutch or even believe the legend to feel that this spirit will fuel your own sense of adventure.

Curator’s Insight

The label design by ThinkBoldStudio weaves a tale of a secret recipe discovered through a perilous and adventurous journey. The clever addition of a glass lens over the compass rose not only adds dimension and interactivity to the packaging but also infuses it with an air of mystery and exploration. Dutch45 is a shining example of how to craft a rum brand that is both distinctive and memorable. The label design not only captivates visually but also engages on an emotional level, transporting consumers to a different time and place.