Москва, Россия

Today is your day, champ! Designed packaging for the Octa bars

Ohmybrand agency designed the packaging for the new product line for the Octa company – protein bars of the same name.

About the project

The company Octa is already producing a milk-based drink containing vitamins and micronutrients that can substitute for a whole meal. Octa Protein protein bars naturally continue this concept: they are recommended once a day as a snack.


Ohmybrand was presented with a task of designing the new line of products containing bars with three distinct tastes while abiding by these crucial terms:

  • Packaging appearance conceptually continues the Octa beverage design
  • Bars stand out on the shelf among many similar products.

What did Ohmybrand do:

  • We left the Octa logo as the most recognizable part of the brand.
  • We directed the main visual focus towards the visible, colorful foodzone.
  • We left the front of the packaging with only the bare minimum of information, moving the rest to the back.
  • We added inspiring optimistic slogans – one for each taste.


Octa Protein bars went on sale in chain stores and marketplaces in late 2022.


Москва, Россия
Creative director: Nadezhda Parshina
Art-director: Ekaterina Kaigorodova
Designer: Alya Zaripova
Project manager: Ekaterina Kruchkova