Pockeat Meal Identity & Packaging


Sofia, Bulgaria

Naming, Packaging & Visual Identity

About the project

Powdered product soluble in water that replaces regular meals. It contains all the nutrients of regular food. It consists of 39 essential elements for the body, including vitamins and minerals. The product is vegan and does not contain soy. A balanced and natural meal replacement that is convenient and easy to take anywhere, designed for young people who want to take care of their health but don’t have time to cook lunch and need to eat quickly and healthily on the go. The product is also available in powdered form and in the form of bars.


The drink is like a pocket with all the necessary nutrients for a complete meal, and it’s always at hand. The drink is easy to take with you, it fits in your pocket. This idea is embodied in the naming and brand design system. Naming pocket + eat = pockeat shows the metaphor of the concept. The drink contains all the necessary elements, visually represented as simple geometric elements – nutrients. Geometric elements are like little things in your pocket.

The project was made on a visual identity course in the online school graphcampus.ru

Curator’s Insight

First things first, can we just talk about how awesome “Pockeat” is as a name? It’s like a clever play on words, combining “pocket” and “eat” to create something catchy and memorable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try a product with a name that’s so fun?

The visual design is just as cool. Those simple geometric elements that represent the nutrients—they add a touch of modernity and sophistication to the packaging. It’s like discovering a treasure trove of health in a tiny, pocket-sized package. I can already imagine how visually appealing it must look on the shelves, drawing in health-conscious young people.

And let’s not forget the passion and dedication of the designer. This whole project was part of a visual identity course in an online school—talk about commitment and creativity!


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