Officina Grafica

Via Frà Jacopo Passavanti 37, Firenze FI, Italia

Season’s influence is indelibly graven both on wine vintages and designers’ creativity.

Costa Ovest packaging has been designed in a particularly warm vintage. To think, to assume a label means to dip into the terroir and let the imagination fly…

In our agency, we’ve wondered several times to be on that beach facing the Thyrrenian Sea, we’ve dreamt of being freshen up by the soothing sea breeze which ruffled the turquoise waters and generated a soft salted foam. In this particular packaging front and back label share the same dieline which is even more memorable thanks to the number 414 cut away and to the transparent rough varnish applied to the golden sand.

Curator’s Insight

The front and back labels share the same dieline, creating a seamless and memorable connection. And that sneaky number 414 cut away – it’s like a delightful surprise, projecting the brand onto the table, adding a playful touch to the design.