Toronto, ON, Canada

The Sports industry-leading Premium Sports Drink and Protein Brand. BioSteel Sports has risen into a giant with its outstanding SUGAR-FREE electrolyte drink and powder formula. Professional athletes and consumers across the globe are motivated to seek out their products. The brand has commercialized to cater to the industry demand due to their exceptional premium ingredients and brand transparency. The Electrolyte Sport Hydration Powder Mix consists of 6 delicious flavours to quench every palate. Watermelon, Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, and Blue Raspberry. #DRINKTHEPINK

2018 Package Refresh. Updated 90% of all existing product ingredients and copy. Prepared tub, protein tub, screw-on-lid container, perforated bottle artwork, and dieline for CAN and US print production. Created over 60 lay ats from scratch starting with dieline to finished artwork with colour, graphics, and imagery. Maintained a high level of organization in all digital files.