Made with Maude. Mission in a Bottle.

Joost Identities


Well, we are thirsty for change. So do you?

A world of freedom and equality fo all.
That is our ethos and what we strive to achieve. We set our own paths. We don’t follow the rest. Our aim is to set up an international movement to strive for equality. Collaborating just with female winemakers to offer pure and honest quality products and providing the stage they deserve and help restore the balance.

Every bottle tells the story of a strong woman. We want stories to be told.
Winemaker Patricia does not like to step into the spotlight, that’s why her quotes are on the labels that encourage the dialogue. Winemaker Claudia, on the contrary, is expressive and exuberant. Her collection of non-alcoholic wines stand for celebrating life and sharing stories and show the vitality of wine.

The logo reflects Maud’s bumby road, as well as the challenges experienced by MWM winemakers. Moreover, the logo forms the initials.

Made with Maude started spontaneously on a beautiful evening in Lisbon. During a conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion and the challenge of inequality that many women face. Also in the world of wine. Made with Maude is about making a positive change in this world together.

“We are certainly not anti-male, but rather pro-woman. The way we all sometimes stay stuck in old, conservative ways of thinking is the problem”. Founder Maud has made it her personal mission to contribute to a more inclusive world. At least 20% of profits are therefore also used to support projects and organisations working for equal opportunities and rights for all. A large part of profits will soon go to the Made with Maude Foundation, which promotes women’s rights and the position of women in business. Join our movement and be part of something bigger.

Feel good, do good.

Thank you. From the bottom of our bottles.