Instant ramen noodles bring a lot of convenience to our lives. But they have a notorious reputation for being a part of the ‘college student survival kit’. How could a rebrand move the beloved snack away from being a cheap, unhealthy alternative to a well-balanced, nourishing meal? While most of the popular instant ramen noodle brands available in the market are extremely affordable, they have non-vegetarian ingredients. Also considered a cheat meal, there is often guilt associated with substituting a meal with instant noodles. This rebrand aims to make it appealing to a wider, global audience—including vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious people—who want to enjoy ramen guilt-free. slurp! brings delectable flavors from different cuisines straight to the kitchen. For a quick bite or for an experimental feast, slurp! transforms meals into memories.

slurp! noodles are entirely plant-based and packed with protein. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of instant noodles minus the guilt or any compromise on flavor and health.Lately, social media users have been using instant ramen noodles and elevating them to a healthy meal by introducing proteins, veggies, and more ingredients. This is encouraged through slurp!’s topping recommendations on the packaging.


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