Trantor Scotch Whiskey


1 Main St. Qalaa, BLdg. 257 - Mount Lebanon - Lebanon

Trantor is the planet of the Empire in the novel “Foundation” by the famous science fiction novelist & writer Isaac Asimov, later it became a TV Series that debuted on Apple TV+.

Trantor Scotch Whiskey 18 Years is scheduled to launch in January 2024 at the Dallas Fan Festival 2023 on October 20-22, 2023 / Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Irving, Texas.

The package is made of casted plastic and a total of 11 parts (including the mechanism) and a foam cushion.

This innovative design which has never been witnessed before resembles the galactic imperial tower of the Cleons, is designed by Fadi M. Abul Husn at ‘web and media’ Studios – Beirut – Lebanon and already is being manufactured by Jiangsu Yantai in Shanghai – China.

The bottle design is based on another feature in the TV Series, but I will skip the description so I may not spoil the show for the fans.