Air Wick invites users to immerse themselves in the vibrant pulse of nature with its most advanced plug-in yet

Leading home-fragrance brand Air Wick has released an innovative new plug-in device designed to make scents last longer alongside a new range of ‘Vibrant’ fragrances. As part of a wider strategy to build a more premium layer into its range, the Air Wick Vibrant is Inspired by nature’s everlasting beauty and features a new sensory and elevated visual brand experience.

It features unique anti-fading technology to ensure a noticeable scent from the first to the last drop, for up to 60 days. Meanwhile, the new fragrances, like White Sage and Mahogany, elevate the fragrance experience with twice more essential oils than the brand’s regular range. The result is a more immersive sensory experience that encourages people to turn daily moments into special occasions.

Air Wick’s brand experience lead Darren Morgan says: “For the past 80 years, Air Wick has been using natural-based ingredients to improve the way we live in our homes. We knew we wanted to introduce a more premium proposition to the mass market which offers people a richer sensory experience – not only with a more sophisticated device but through distinct scent profiles that are unlike the others they’re likely to find on shelf”.

The dynamic pulse of nature

The new device works by automatically releasing rich pulses of fragrance. The periods of lower fragrance emanation help reduce the effect of habituation on people’s sense of smell without the need to change scent or device.

In addition, it offers an enhanced level of personalisation including five intensity settings so users can adjust to their desired strength as well as a boost button.

With the knowledge that both smell and light can affect people’s moods, the device also has an in-built low-level light, helping people to create a more relaxed environment in their homes. This light turns red when the refill is running low, indicating to consumers that it needs replacing and therefore encouraging a more circular use of product.

A bold new look

Strong black backgrounds set against close-up photography with vivid colours and evocative textures reinforce the idea of being natural yet powerful. The design creates a distinctive identity that contrasts existing Air Wick ranges as well as competitors on-shelf. It also elevates the new device, signalling its premium standing beyond Air Wick’s core range.

While the brand’s recognisable logo remains, it has been combined with a bespoke wordmark that plays into nature’s soft and delicate shapes. This typeface, Tangerine, feels sophisticated yet human and will also be used for all emotional callouts, while Soleil, the other typeface on pack, roots the brand to its functional ground.

A drop of gold

The logo is framed by a central golden oil drop, which serves as a metaphor for the natural goodness encapsulated in the fragrance and further adds to the premium feel. Highly flexible, it can be used as a framing device across comms or to highlight copy and images off-pack, creating a cohesive end-to-end experience.

From this radiates a series of pulsing lines that act as a visualisation of the fragrance emanating around the room and, by picking up on tonalities in the photography for example, adds an enriching layer to the rest of the design. Like the drop, these lines can be adapted for multiple means and are even reflected on the texture of the device itself.

The new device and pack design was created in collaboration with Reckitt agency partners DCA and Marks. It is in store now including two new festive scents, Warm Spiced Apples and Winter Woods and Frosted Ivy.